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Louisville KY Ford Assembly Plant

Why is our name "eThree"?  It's a deeply meaningful name to Greg, the founder, that inspires the work we do, the approach we take and the results we deliver.

eThree is comprised of three E's: 

  1. Earl Kent (Greg's paternal grandfather)

  2. Earl Petter (Greg's maternal grandfather)

  3. Gregory Earl Kent, as he was named after both grandfathers. 


Greg's grandfathers broke out of the poverty stricken areas of western and eastern Kentucky when they journeyed to Louisville, Kentucky to work for Ford Motor Company in the mid 1950s. 


They took different career paths marked by a fierce work ethic, loyalty and pride in workmanship. One took a blue collar path and ensured the plant was well maintained for operations.  The other took a white collar path and became the head of labor relations. To say that the family get togethers were interesting is an understatement!


Greg is proud to be the product of both blue collar operational

get 'er done drive and white collar strategy, planning and connecting-the-dots. Our approach to change management is the same.

We employ a smart balance of strategy and nuts and bolts change management to drive business adoption of change. Our approach is both effective and efficient. No frills, no extensive white papers, no boilerplate deliverables.    

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